Divine Mercy Devotion (LCTX)


Saint Alphonsus and the Divine Mercy        


(Tiếng Việt)

Promoting the Divine Mercy and Justice is the heart of St Alphonsus’ writings. During his lifetime, in the 18th century, God’s Mercy was widely attacked in the Church by Jansenism, who pessimistically believed that God’s Mercy is not for all humanity but only for a few who practices a harsh and rigorous moral lifestyle. St Alphonsus with the Church strongly condemned and suppressed Jansenism.

“If we should be saved and become saints, we ought always to stand at the gates of the Divine Mercy to beg and pray for, as an alms, all that we need” St Alphonsus.

Throught his writing, St Alphonsus urged the faithful to trust in Divine Mercy in every circumstances and have confident in the Lord’s infinite compassion and love for the human race. In the History of the Church, St Alphonsus probably wrote the most on the Love of God for humanity. In 1775, St. Alphonsus published an essay as an appendix to a book on divine providence. That appendix was entitled “Motives for Confidence in Divine Mercy.” Through his contributions to the Church, he was declared Doctor of the Church, patron saint for all confessors and moralists. Follow the tradition of the Founder, the Redemptorist has never cease to preach on the Love of God and His Infinite Mercy.

Each year, the Extra-Patriam Vice Province, hosts a Divine Mercy Conference in Long Beach (CA) to serve thousands of people devoted to the Divine Mercy of God.