Vietnamese Redemptorist Missionary Vocations

(Tiếng Việt)

“The Redemptorist Congregation truly follows the example of Christ in the apostolic life, which comprises at one and the same time a life specially dedicated to God and a life of missionary work” Constitution #1.
You are invited to discern the Redemptorist Missionary Vocations and be part of our family with 5000 members serving in 80 countries around the world.
Postulancy: St John Neumann Monastery
                                   3912 S. Ledbetter Dr. 
                                       Dallas, TX 75236
                      Philosophy at University of Dallas, TX
Novitiate: Varies
Temporary Vows: St Clement Monastery
                                             3417 W. Little York Rd.
                                             Houston, TX 77091
                    Theology at the University of St Thomas,
                   St Mary Seminary. Houston TX

Discernment Process

  • Contact the Vocation Director for guidance
  • Attend one of the Come and See sessions
  • Complete the vocation questionnaire
  • Build a Spiritual Direction relationship with the Vocation Director. Encouraged to meet/call the Vocation Director twice a month.



 You are considered a “Candidate” when the Vocations Director confirms and give you the application to join the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist).

  • You are invited to make a silent retreat of up to eight days
  • Continue Spiritual Direction relationship with the Vocation Director
  • Encouraged to visit the Redemptorist communities to get to know the Redemptorist and the mission of the Congregation


Applying to the Congregation involves:

  1. Completing an application form
  2. Prepare a 2000 word autobiography to include:
    1. Your family of origin
    2. Religious, vocation experience, Sacraments
    3. Volunteers, community service, skills
    4. Dating relationship
    5. Academic history
    6. Criminal background
    7. Hobby and work experience, debt
    8. Health history and addiction
    9. Reasons for desiring to become a Redemptorist missionary.
  3. Two letters of recommendation: One from the Pastor and one from an academic professor.


Our Next Come & See

June 24- July 2

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December 20-23

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